How To Buy Bitcoin In India After the Ban

With Indian court banning banks from involving with cryptocurrencies in August 2018, the average Indian investor had no other option to buy Bitcoin in India. Few P2P (Peer to Peer) exchanges have come up with a solution.

The sum of the current situation is, we, the average Indian investor “cannot use our banks” to buy cryptocurrencies from the exchanges but “the supreme court did not ban us from buying as a whole”

We can still use peer to peer exchanges which allows us to buy crypto from people who want to sell in exchange for money.

WazirX is one the most legit exchange to buy Bitcoin in India. it’s also one of the few exchanges which offer P2P service with a flawless interface & advance set of tools required for trading.

How To Buy Bitcoin In India Using WazirX?

  • You place a buy order on WazirX to get USDT.
  • Sellers who have USDT (who get USDT by selling other cryptocurrencies)  sells you there USDT tokens in exchange for INR.
  • Your buy order can be fulfilled by single or multiple of sellers depending upon the market orders and your order size.
  • You get the list of buyers on your screen with the amount you have to transfer to them and get USDT.
  • You can use USDT to buy cryptos like Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Litecoin etc.
WazirX P2P Exchnage

Some of the benefits WazirX offer:

  • INR, USDT, BTC Markets
  • Withdraw money – Buyers transfer money directly to your bank account and WazirX holds the fund for both parties until both of them confirms the payment
  • Fast “Ticket & Call” support for users in case of problems. 

Crypto is here to stay, this technology of blockchain is the future of currencies and many other things like data security, identity storage etc.. Make sure to read our article before investing in crypto.

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